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Regardless of the East and the West, people who have achieved great achievements always had great helpers.


In a rapidly changing modern society, having a partner you can trust and be with is a very important value.


In the age of 100, we will find the best way to live a healthy and happy life together with our customers.


We deal on TRUST.

We COMMUNICATE authentically.

We will be your success PARTNER for life.


RE/MAX YOUNG ZONE will be with you where your dreams become reality.

Kenny Won, CEO  


"Be our person,

  We will be your persons!"


Brokerage is a communication. 

​Our experts at RE/MAX Young Zone are doing their best to ensure smooth investment and asset management for our customers in their respective fields of expertise. 



Kenny Won

- Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Honorary Ambassador for Gender Equality,

- Incheon Metropolitan City Media Public Relations, Advisory Committee

- Kyungin Women's University Adjunct Professor

- Certified Realtor

- Inha University Graduate School of Public Policy, Master

- Inha University Graduate School Department of Media Information, PhD in progress


- The standard of communication

-If parents change, change your child's life


Executive Director

Justin HB Kim 

- J&Partners, Executive Vice President

- Pan Pacific Airlines, Vice Chairman

- Hanjin P&C CO. Ltd., Executive Vice President/Legal Counsel

-ADG International, Group NY, USA, Principal Partner

- Int’l Chamber of Commerce of Jeju Federation, Jeju, South Korea & Tokyo,       Japan, Board of Director/Legal Counsel

- Law Offices of Choi and Associates/Kohn Swift & Graf, P.C., Philadelphia,    PA, USA, Senior Associate

-US Attorney at Law


managing director

CM Cho

- Chief of Rehab Center at Gulf Eastern General Company in Saudi Arabia

- President of Koogong Safety System Computing Information Section

- Leader of Metro General Hospital Data Processing Department

- Sungkyunkwan University Department of Electronic Engineering, B.A.

- IHH (Turkey-NGO) Donation Project

- IBC(Turkey-NGO) & ICHD (K.S.A - NGO)

- Global Donation Project

- Qatar Fund Donation Project



Hyungcheol Kim

- A member of the Board of Education of EBS Broadcasting Station

- A member of the Board of Education of the Korean Department of - Education

- Chief Director of The Korean Economic Daily

- Lectures at the university admissions briefing organized by Hankyung Edu.

- EBS Star Instructor Program Broadcast Lecturer

- Korean University, B.A.



Dohyun Kim

- AIT Consulting Co. LTD., Director, Invest Funding Partner.

- ADG Holdings Ltd., Director, M&A, Assets Funding Partner.

- UNISYS Ltd., Curator, Information System.

- Drexel University, B.A.


Managing Director

Jini Kim

- COMIN - Representative of content planning, development and operation
- Seoul 50+ Center SNS expert and main lecturer activities
- Instructor Association Smart Work Education Center PM/CEO
- Bucheon City Smart Challenge Digital Competency Reinforcement
   Project PM
- South Korea and North Korea Conference and International Conference     
   Preparation Planning Team

- Master's degree in Hotel Tourism Management, Kyung Hee University



Jack Cho

- President of JS Certified Judicial Scrivener Office

- President of HB R&C Co. Ltd.

- Vice Chairman of Incheon Junggu Yacht Association

- Supreme Prosecutor’s Office International Cooperation Agency

- FBI Asia-Pacific trainer

- Inha University Graduate School of Policy

- Asset Management License

- Certified Realtor

- Certified Judicial Scrivener

- Licensed Administrative Agent



Heechang Kim

- Attorney at Law (Korea)

- Korail investment review committee member

- Personnel/Policy Committee Member of Hwaseong Industry Promotion - Agency under Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do.


  • Committee for Seoul Seocho Police Office’s Crime and Youth leading

  • Counsel for Seoul Seocho Police Office’s crime panel

  • Counsel for Seoul Yongsan Police Office’s crime panel

  • Vice Charman of Special Committee for Regional Balanced Development

  • Policy of Democratic party of 19th Presidential Election force.

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