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Experts in RE/MAX's YOUNG ZONE go beyond the realm of real estate brokerage to help customers choose real estate investments with thorough rights analysis by legal experts and capabilities as investment advisors.

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Real Estate Consulting 


1.  A thorough analysis of rights by legal experts

2. Commercial area analysis and customized MD proposal by professional MD manager

3. Profit Analysis Considering the Risk of Business Performance Assessment Experts

4. One-stop real estate financial consulting through affiliated financial companies

5. Worldwide #1 RE/MAX's differentiated domestic and foreign networks


Based on the above five points, we will create an optimized purchase/sale, lease, and sale agency solution that suits your goals and situations through close communication.

Overseas real estate consulting


Experience an upgraded overseas real estate consulting service with RE/MAX network which has 140,000 agents in 110 countries around the world, and the largest overseas real estate purchase/sale service in the United States, a partner of RE/MAX's Young Zone.

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Real Estate

Legal Advice


Through a one-stop partnership service with affiliated real estate lawyers and legal scriveners, thorough rights analysis and legal analysis, we provide solutions to minimize future legal risks that can be derived from real estate transactions.

Tax Accounting Advisory

Tax accounting is an important factor that can not be overlooked in real estate transactions.
RE/MAX YOUNG ZONE does its best to maximize customer profitability by thoroughly analyzing additional profits and expenses that may occur in tax accounting through connection with a professional tax accounting firm.

Real Estate Investment Advisory

We provide consulting and management of your real estate investment at a reasonable cost by introducing a method of operating Family Offices that exists only for leading overseas wealthy people.

One-Stop Service

for Foreigners



We, RE/MAX YOUNG ZONE, provide one stop service for foreigners and expats in Korea who are looking for real estate investment opportunities as well as who are planning to reside in Korea with our own in-house US lawyer, Korean lawyer, licensed Asset Manager, and Realtor. Experience our one of a kind One Stop Service for Foreigners. 

Small investment

start-up service through

Retail service

Investment program for comfortable retirement

Small investment start-up support service through retail service and investment program for comfortable retirement: Through the RE/MAX YOUNG ZONE's unique start-up support services and safe investment and business services for comfortable retirement, we provide a stable profit model that meets the needs of individual customers.

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